Architectural & Engineering Design – Dorce Prefabricated and Construction
Architectural & Engineering Design

The project begins with the purchase order prepared by the Engineering, Design and Project Management Department in the M-Files system after the recieving of proposal from the customer. Then, the documents to be prepared within the scope of the project based on the purchase order are listed and requested from the relevant departments within the company.

After the Project Design criteria are determined, static, electrical, mechanical and architectural details of the project are done according to the MDR (Management Document Register)and all the documents are prepared according to the work schedule and submitted to the client for the approval by the Engineering, Design and Project Management Department. According to the relevant approved documents, Dorce HQ and departments at the factory coordinate the manufacturing, static, electrical, mechanical reports as well as prepare raw material check lists, technical drawings and account reports.

The structure is created after preparing the details and production drawings in our factory. In case of design change or scope change, a change request is prepared and presented to the client. All design scope changes made during the project process are archived on the M-Files (change request) system.