Dorçe is the largest manufacturer of Europe on light gauge steel prefabricated structures. On the other hand, Dorce is one of the biggest 250 general contractor companies in the world according to ENR (Engineering News Record) rankings for the past 8 years.

DORCE with a combination of experience in the last two leading sectors, carries out the delivery of infrastructure, superstructure and technical equipment included turnkey military and defense projects.

Modular military structures manufactured by Dorçe, in the largest factory of Europe and the Middle East located in Ankara; includes structures such as field hospitals, emergency, border and military base areas, camp structures, military living containers, modular cabins with trailers (living, infirmary, WC-Shower), prefabricated military wards, military lodgings, regular buildings, ammunition depots, aircraft hangars, military and police training centers, containers etc that can be transported by helicopter.

In addition to military camps, Dorçe has completed projects such as fully-fledged mobile field hospitals, emergency aid units, laboratories, operating room and intensive care units, including all necessary health units and working systems.

Modular military structures are suitable for the strategic and climatic conditions of the target area; they can be manufactured in a bullet-proof, explosion-proof design and equipped with alarm, heating-cooling systems, CCTV systems, safety and warning systems.

Recently, the Air / Helicopter Containers (HTK), designed and produced by Dorçe, can be carried with helicopter and easily assembled manually in any environment, without aid of any hand tools or equipment as a result of an important R&D process. 120 modular units are produced in 1 day and made ready for shipment.

Dorçe, with general contracting services it offers in its projects as well as its manufacturer identity for more than 30 years, has also carried out many projects in the field of military and defense industry in the African continent, which is home to one of the world’s most challenging geographies.

Dorce, produces and delivers not only modular buildings but also structures consisting of pre-produced heavy steel buildings for many regions of the world. Dorçe has undertaken the design and construction work for the Japanese army in Djibouti and has also solved the F-16 aircraft type Hangar project in a very short time with heavy steel structure systems.

As part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Dorce, which produces Modular Cabins with Trailer for the Ministry of National Defense, provides fast and easy assembly by bolting these and similar modular / containerized structures to the floor and roof chassis, which allows them to be transported as partially assembled packages or fully assembled modules.