One of the main product group that DORCE specialized by build-up over years along with its sector experiences is prefabricated steel houses that may appeal to low-cost, midd-class and luxury steel housing projects.

The houses build in a large high-tech warehouses at Dorce’s factory, where inclement weather conditions such as rain & snow are totally eliminated. This is done in such a way that perfect conditions enable the houses to be built quickly and smoothly.

Prefabricated Modular Steel Buildings are commonly utilized for housing projects as Dormitories, Low-cost, mid-class, luxury steel houses, family houses, dwelling-houses, apartment houses and so on.

DORCE INC. has completed many housing projects all around the world including Engineering, Building Construction Works, Civil Works, Electrical & Mechanical Works, Some Furniture Works, Foundation Works, Transportation & Custom Clearance, Landscaping and  Infrastructural Works of 598 Family Houses in Gabon only in 11 months.

Some important projects of 2 storey high-class housing and low-cost housing has been delivered for Housing and Infrastructure Board (HIB) of Libya including supply & assembly of prefabricated modular housing units with electrical and sanitary installation materials, internal and external wall paint, furniture works and transportation.

As a well-known manufacturer of prefabricated low-cost housing, mid-class and luxurious steel houses for many years, DORCE successfully delivered housing units to Australia, Iraq, UAE and Kazakhstan, with the aim of providing both affordable and peaceful living spaces for people.

Dorce offers architectural and design housing solutions that reflect the cultural heritage of each country it has been worked in.