Dorçe Prefabricated Building and Construction supply emergency, border and military base camps, turn-key’ portable military camps, cabins, and reinforced building units with high production capacity, rapid procurement processes to remote and extreme geographic regions, including logistics and installation services.

These mobile barracks consist of steel modular systems, including structures such as living containers, prefabricated military dormitories, military housing units, ammunition depots, aircraft hangars, steel parking areas, training centers, social facilities, clinics, dining halls, laundries, sports centers, recreation areas, canteens, etc. In addition to the military camps, Dorçe provides full-fledged prefabricated mobile hospitals, emergency unit solutions, covering all necessary health units and working systems together including furniture and medical equipment.

The modular military structures can be designed as bullet-proof, explosion-proof and equipped with an alarm, safety and warning systems with Dorce’s own engineering capabilities that are suitable for the strategic and climatic conditions of the region to be used.

In addition, designed and manufactured units can be easily dismantled manually by hand in any environment without the help of hand tools or equipment. Military structures consisting of panel system buildings or modules can be moved, reassembled or installed as required, and can be expanded with additional modules thanks to its mobile feature.

In addition to the production and supply services of DORCE, the following services are included under the turnkey solutions;

Design and Engineering,
Turnkey Superstructure Construction,
Foundation and concrete works,
Infrastructure and construction work,
Logistics and delivery to remote and challenging geographies,
Field security works and security fence systems,
Modular concrete buildings,
Steel protection structures,
HESCO barriers, T-walls and texas barriers
Bulletproof steel systems, protection platforms and security towers,
Safety barriers,
Communication and security systems,
Furniture and equipment,
Roads, walkways, sports fields and multi-purpose playgrounds.