Prefab Modular Camps construction is one of the most common types of pre-engineered houses / buildings today. It is based on the use of prefab made modules, in the construction of buildings. These modules are manufactured off site in factory conditions. Then, manufactured and completed modules are transported to site as flat packed or trans packed, accordingly to the project requirements, and fitted together to create the whole building structure.

Prefab modular construction has many advantages. Some of those advantages can be classified as;

1) The little assembly and construction time because modular construction takes significantly less time to build than on-site construction,

2)  Huge selection of building finishes from the inside and outside the building,

3) Modular buildings can be easily be disassembled and relocated to different sites. This significantly reduces the demand for raw materials and minimizes expended energy.


In many developing countries, the prefab modular construction technology is just beginning its active application, when in other countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Germany, China it has long been widespread. Why prefabricated modular construction is so beneficial and what can we expect from the development of modular construction?

The prospects for the development of the construction of prefabricated modular buildings in the world, today, are very extensive: already now in the field of modular housing construction they use the highest-strength material for the frame, the construction of walls, and the technology itself undergoes gradual modernization year after year. The durability and service life of buildings made of light gauge steel structures in the conditions of modern construction technologies reaches fifty years. Thanks to a whole range of advantages, in the context of the pandemic and consequent economic crisis, prefab modular construction has not decreased, but also increased several times.

When construction is conducted outside the urban life, mostly in remote and challenging areas, the problem of long-term placement of workers and employees often arises. The technology of prefab modular construction of buildings has also found an effective solution here – the placement of a large number of people on the territory of the construction site ( it can be sites of projects of oil & gas, mining, petrochemical complexes, pipeline sectors) is easily carried out in temporary prefab modular accommodation buildings based on light gauge steel structures or containerized modular buildings. Those buildings can be easily assembled and disassembled into modules, which makes it easier to move to another sites. In some cases, those accommodation units do not need a foundation, and its coating can be designed to be resistant to any weather conditions and retains heat at any time of the year. Prefab Modular construction, for more than fifty years, have been the most productive solution, especially when it is necessary to quickly erect a convenient temporary accommodation.

DORCE Prefabricated Building & Construction Inc., is one of the leading manufacturing company in the world specialized on prefab modular construction with its contracting services that encompass design & architectural planning, engineering, procurement, production, logistics, delivery, assembly, infrastructure, civil works, testing & commissioning.

Dorce is known for its ability to mobilize quickly and work in harsh and extreme conditions. It owns one of the largest prefabricated steel manufacturing facilities in the world. Manufacturing facility of DORCE has 100.000 m2 total area (55.000 m2 workshop area) and operates in accordance with local and international quality standards located in Ankara, Turkey.

Prefabricated Modular Camp has been constructed for ‘Amur Gas Processing Plant’ accommodates more than 17.000 workers, which is located at Svobodny city, in the Amur district of the Russian Federation.

The projects have been delivered as design & supply and the turnkey facility includes prefab dormitories, clinic, canteen, kitchen and dining hall, laundry, gymnasium, recreation, mess hall, warehouses, workshop and buildings for firefighting and other site utilities.

Camps for workers provide all conditions for organizing a decent life away from home at temperature of -50 ℃. Prefabricated modular buildings and prefabricated panelised steel buildings meet high standards of safety, placement and environment.