Our Quality Policy

Our firm has the skill and the infrastructure to undertake projects alongside renowned firms in different parts of the world, being an expert in the production of steel construction prefabricated structures.

The objective is to provide, and then to increase, customer satisfaction by the following means;

  • With the solutions that we provide and with our focus on the customer,
  • With the continuity of quality in production,
  • With prioritizing confidence and stability,
  • With the compliance of legal, customer and national requirements,
  • With the prompt delivery alongside high capacity,
  • With our after sales services,

The objectives of our company that has established accommodation facilities and construction camps under the most difficult and most competitive conditions of the world market are as follows;

  • To abide by the quality management system and to ensure continuous improvement with traceable parameters,
  • Following technological developments; to provide the progress of the company and to maintain the highest quality level reached with the innovative and improvement principles,
  • To provide products and services at international standards, in time, quality and cost,
  • To provide solutions that meets customer’s price / quality expectations by making production at optimum cost through the services of engineering,
  • Convert opportunities to success and being an efficient and profitable company,
  • Being a leading organization in the sector with professional project management and corporate governance,
  • Making a difference in similar industries,
  • Quickly adapt to any site conditions and commands the region of construction,
  • To follow up the developments with an organized division of labor and flow of labor,
  • To increase the individual efficiencies of the personnel via continuous training,
  • To be an organization that is proud of its employees and looks to the future with confidence,
  • Enrich the employees and the community,
  • Based on a risk-based approach; to ensure the existence, reliability, development and continuity of the company.

The above-mentioned principles are learned and applied by all of our personnel.


Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Dorce executes its production activities of top quality. In this context, the unexceptionally protection of the natural Environment and the worker’s Health and Safety at work and continuous improvement of the working conditions are its main goals. DORÇE engages to continue performing the followings:


  • Providing the continuous improvement of the Health, Safety and Environment performance;
  • Complying with the legal and other requirements (Client, Dorçe, Local Content, etc.) about the Environment, Health and Safety;
  • Taking precautions to minimize all the risks of Health, Safety and Environmental effects;
  • Minimizing or eliminating wastes by using the natural sources effectively and implementing new technology options; to prevent the pollution;
  • Implementing technologies that improve our Health, Safety and Environmental performance in our investments in engineering principles; with the goal of sustainbable development;
  • Providing trainings to ensure that all employees are aware of their individual Health, Safety responsibilities and Environmental consciousness;
  • Providing necessary applications for minimizing the Environmental effects, Health and Safety risks during the project implementations;
  • Participation of all employees on matters affecting Health, Safety and Environment;
  • Periodically reviewing the Health, Safety and Environmental Policy to ensure compliance with the current conditions;
  • In order to protect and help to renew the earths limited resources; encouraging of our clients, suppliers, subcontractors and recyclers of our products to adopt the reduce, reuse and recycle as many materials as is practically possible same Environmental principles as Dorçe


Our Information Security Management System Policy

Our company aims to provide confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets of departments that are related to import, export, transit, customs clearance, foreign trade transactions activities within the Company’s Information Security Management System that was established and continues its activities according to the ISO 27001:2005 standard requirements.

For this purpose, our company:

  • Ensures compliance with contractual obligations concerning all information security obligations regarding the safety of all legal and business requirements.
  • Forms and ensures continuity of risk management approach of information security to eliminate or decrease risks defined on information assets to an acceptable level.   
  • Forms and ensures continuity of systems and work continuity plans to ensure continuation of business operations with minimal interruption
  • Organizes regular educational and training activities to increase awareness of information security.
  • Continuously improves ISMS of the company by identifying information security control objectives with regular audits and reviews.
  • Ensures taking appropriate measures and the enforcement of necessary sanctions to manage and prevent recurrence of information security violations.



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