Panelised System Buildings – Dorce Prefabricated and Construction

Prefabricated Steel Building members are fabricated at production facilities. They can be erected at the site easily and can be dismantled to be mounted at another site.
Dorce Inc. design and manufacture prefabricated steel buildings in accordance with the international and local standards by the help of DORCE’s advanced manufacturing capabilities. By the manufacturing and installation services; DORCE provides quick solutions with optimum cost.
DORCE Prefabricated Steel Buildings have cold formed steel columns which can be installed on concrete foundations by anchor bolts or prefabricated chassis with insulation by bolts which can be supported by piles. The floor covering can be PVC, carpet, laminate, ceramic, epoxy. Then, preassembled wall modules are connected to columns. These preassembled wall modules are steel frame structures which includes insulation materials (such as rock wool, glass wool or other similar materials depending on the project requirements) and covered by surface dressing materials (such as trapezoidal corrugated steel sheet, gypsum board, cement board, melamine coated chipboard or other similar materials depending on the project requirements). The roof is formed of cold formed steel section truss and purlins cladded by corrugated steel sheets or sandwich panels. The roof is also carrying suspended ceilings and extra insulation depends on the project requirements.