Developers and manufacturers of the volumetric modular building industry, while determining the essentials & minimum requirements of the housing projects, primarily envision the use of innovative materials, technologies, and modern methods of construction (MMC) to minimize project costs and to speed up delivery.

Volumetric modular construction provides reliable and cost-effective housing solutions. An effective planning and strategic management successfully minimize risks in the transition from conventional building systems to volumetric modular construction methods.

DORCE designs and manufactures Volumetric Modular Housing Models with its in-house team of engineers while taking advantage of 40 years of project experience in the sector by applying the Modern Construction Methods (MMC) and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) techniques.

DORCE specializes in Low cost, Middle Class & Luxury Housing, Emergency Disaster & Refugee Housing, Mass Housing, Smart Housing, and Housing projects customized in line with client needs and requirements. Volumetric Modular Housing projects are completed on a turnkey basis with the support of the general contracting services such as infrastructure & superstructure construction works, delivery & logistics, and building assembly.

Dorce has the ability to construct the volumetric modular main structure, divided into modules with the off-site methodology by utilizing Building Information Modeling systems (BIM) for all construction processes on the site. Coordinated units / volumetric modules (successfully produced in a manufacturer’s production facility) which have the same size each time, thanks to the prefabrication and the use of Modern Construction Methods (MMC) form the main structure where the main contractor can successfully complete the installation on site.