Vision, Mission and Values

Vision & Values


DORCE, constantly increasing its capacity for working harmoniously with the world’s biggest and most esteemed firms and institutions, aims to increase its current market share in the fields of General Construction Business Services, turnkey type camp projects and modular prefab construction.


In our sector, where high production rate in a short term and providing high quality services is nowadays a privilege, DORCE shares desired work power with the world via Turkey, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Libya.




Environmental sensitivity is a part of DORCE’s character. DORCE guarantees that all raw materials, products and working environment of the corporation are environment- friendly and comply with international standards.

Occupational health and safety is very important for DORCE during the production and montage works. DORCE guarantees its conformity with laws and international standards.


DORCE respects worker rights and human rights. Performance assessment of the workers is done professionally and special competency criteria are taken into consideration for task and working position.