Containerized Modular Units / Trailers – Dorce Prefabricated and Construction

Containerized Modules are manufactured as monolithic flooring chassis and roof chassis.

The columns and walls are bolted to the flooring and roof chassis which makes it possible to ship the containers as partly assembled packages or fully assembled modules. They enable fast and easy assembly.

Containers have cold formed steel columns on each corner which can be installed on the site or shipped as pre-assembled.

The flooring chassis include insulation materials (such as rock wool, glass

wool or other similar materials depending on the project requirements) and the floor covering can be PVC, carpet, laminate, ceramic, epoxy.

The roof chassis have a similar structure as flooring chassis with steel framing, insulation and claddings.

The sturdy structure and the provided handling accessories allow the containers to be carried easily by different methods (forklift, mobile crane etc.) and installed at the different sites.

Other than the standard sizes, the containers can be designed and manufactured between 2.1 meters to 3.6 meters wide and 3.0 meters to 12.0 meters long.

They can be installed in various layouts (side by side and multiple stories) to form different layouts to be used as different purposes such as social facilities, dining halls, offices etc.

Unified buildings can have integrated electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems.