The importance and recognition of prefabricated building systems in the global market is increasing rapidly with the increasing technology and developing production systems. Dorçe carries out needs-based productions with its high production capacity, fast supply processes and logistics and assembly services for the most remote and challenging areas.

Dorçe has exclusively developed “turnkey” -transportable military camps, shelter and living spaces with helicopter in accordance with the defense industry needs. Dorçe, which allocates a serious budget to R&D (Research and Development) activities for such exclusive projects, also has a highly specialized and experienced department in its field. The R&D team forms “research and development” and “design” centers together with special units consisting of more than 70 architects, engineers, technicians and technical drawing experts working within the company. Specialized departments develop their design works using many software such as Autodesk Revit, Tekla Structures, Sap 2000 and ETAP.

The HTK (Container that can be transported by Air / Helicopter) in the images has appeared as a result of an important R&D process. Produced in 3 packages in total, HTK, was produced in a way that it can be assembled easily by hand in any environment without aid of any hand tools or equipment. 2 people can easily complete the assembly in as little as 2 hours.

These products are designed to be easily transported on air, land and sea platforms. Each unit consists of 3 packages and each package is around 300 kg. Each package can also be designed according to dimensions that can be transported by a helicopter or pickup truck. For this reason, these units developed on the basis of the defense industry, as well as oil, gas and mine exploration camps, are shipped as emergency settlement units in order to provide emergency health, shelter and food services in rural areas after natural disasters such as earthquakes, tusunami, floods all over the world.

Significant R&D and design activities have been carried out in order to ensure the use and diversity of the product, these units, as shown in the pictures below, include accommodation units (where 8 people can accommodate comfortably with folding tables and chairs), clinic (full-fledged), WC-shower (for 8 persons) are used as care and rehabilitation centers, offices and kitchens. In addition to these, special chimney and stove systems have been developed for units used in military operations in some tough geographical conditions. Step-by-step instruction manual in English and in other required languages is provided for each unit In order to complete manual assembly easily.

It is well known that prefabricated buildings can be much faster and less costly than conventional building systems. However, the HTK modules forementioned here, unlike all known prefabricated building systems and other systems, stand out in 3 aspects. The first is that it is extremely portable, the second is that it can be assembled with the help of the user manual only, and the third is that it can create a large integrated settlement area in a short time like 2 hours.

The units are equipped with alarm, heating-cooling systems, CCTV systems, security and warning systems and rapidly shipped to Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia and Europe. These units can be transported by helicopter and can be assembled manually in any environment without aid of any hand tools or equipment and can be designed to be bullet-proof, explosion-proof in accordance with demand thanks to Dorce’s own engineering units.