Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Vision

Aiming to keep our employees permanent, to meet the needs of the source and to establish an institutional structure that can look to the future with confidence;

  • By being sustainably practical, operably innovative and dynamic,
  • Following the human resources practices,
  • Integrating applications that provides added value,
  • Adopting human resources approach that is necessary to allocate a corporate structure that can provide higher quality of work and life balance to employees; as our internal service awareness.

Our Company's Human Resources Policy;

Keeping its position as leader in its relevant industry open to change and innovation, cares for the human element, increases its capacity at the optimum level and as a World-class company;

  • Uses the resources effectively and efficiently,
  • Takes the principle of working sensitive to labour health and safety and the environment,
  • Complies with the World quality standards,
  • Constantly improves its technology,
  • Strengthens by the creativity and dynamism of its employees.

We use human resources in a manner desired and expected to become a people-oriented company.

The basic principles of our human resources policy;

  • We employ employees who work within the framework of equal opportunity, without discrimination of religion, language, race, colour, age, sex, and attribute great importance to employee satisfaction.
  • We adopt to hold the institutional environment structure by raising directors with the sense of responsibility who accept corporate goals as his own, continues on its way without hesitation to take initiative in the direction of these goals and to bear the consequences of its decisions.
  • We support dynamism and innovation and we respect young talents, who aim for continuous improvement, and who can bravely defend their ideas.
  • We are committed to create healthy, safe and ergonomic work environment in terms of human health and work safety.
  • We struggle to remove the stress sources that reduce job satisfaction, motivation and organizational commitment.
  • We value education and institutional development.
  • We provide internship opportunities for university students and job opportunities for successful interns.
  • We aim to provide an open and transparent internal communication environment.
  • We protect the personal rights and work how to improve the current conditions.
  • We strive to meet the expectations of our employees.
  • We prefer to express the value we place on our employees in times of crisis with the sacrifices we have shown in times of crisis.

Our Career Opportunities

You can reach us by applying for open positions through human resources portal  and / or future if there are no suitable open position for you, you may apply for our general application for future opportunities.

You can also apply by sending your resumes to our human resources department