Our R&D and Design Center has come into operation.

We, as Dorce Inc., are proud to announce that our Design and R&D Center come into operation since both were approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkish Republic respectively in October 2018 and February 2019.

Recently, as we are going through the period when R & D and innovation are indispensable elements of sustainable growth, only companies that support their production and design capabilities by lean on R&D investments are able to compete with other companies worldwide and achieve the highest places in the ranking lists of reputable corporations.

We, as Dorce Inc., with our nearly of 40 R&D and Design Center staff, are able to introduce our own know-how to the world by producing high-valued R&D solutions as well as target to increase the competitiveness of our company in the international market and to strengthen the functionality and quality of our design activities by performing the design activities that will mediate the creation of high value-added products.